What is the best hair dryer to buy in 2020?

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We have selected seven models of this appliance to help you choose the best hair dryer according to your profile, be it a professional or basic model.

A hair dryer can be a great ally in the cold, especially for those with long locks. It is also great for producing hairstyles and can even be used to straighten the strands. Therefore, it is important to choose a good quality one that exactly fulfills the desired function. Thinking to help you choose the best hairdryer according to your profile, we have separated the seven best appliances of 2020.

How do we select the best hair dryers?

To assemble our list with the best hairdryers, we take into account the technical specifications of each product, such as power, consumption, technologies offered, weight, among others, in addition to price. We also consider the opinions of people who have already purchased the products.

What is the best hair dryer?

The best hair dryer on our list is Glow 3D, a professional model from the Italy range. He was chosen to bring a mix of good power, interesting technologies and fair price if we analyze everything that the device offers. Find out more about his specifications right after the table with all the best dryer models.

Italy Professional Glow 3D range

The Glow 3D hair dryer from Gama Italy was considered the best on our list because it is a professional appliance that can also please people who are looking for a dryer to use at home and want to pay a fair price. 

With 2000W of power, it has a removable back cover, three temperature variations, a handle for hanging and a 1.7 meter cable, which allows you to plug it in and stay a good distance from the wall.

As for technologies, it is one of the most complete. In addition to the ability to emit negative ions, which help to seal the hair cuticle, fix hair nutrients and reduce frizz to maintain hydration, it also comes with nano silver technology, the emission of small silver particles that, in contact with hair, reduce the action of fungi and bacteria released in the air, which leaves the hair cleaner and protected. 

Finally, there is also the bonus of 3D Therapy technology, which enhances the emission of ions up to 2,000 times more. For further info, click here: Kalista Salon

In addition, it emits a jet of cold air, has a six month warranty and comes with a diffuser, essential for people with curly hair. The cons for this dryer are the weight (525 grams) and the fact that it is not bivolt.

Britannia Professional Titanium

The Professional Titanium hair dryer model from Britânia took the place with the best cost benefit in our ranking. It has 1900W of power, three temperature options and a handle for hanging, in addition to a 1.9 meter cable and removable back cover, which facilitates the cleaning of the dryer.

One of the differentials of this dryer is the AC motor, of high performance and long duration (three times longer life than the standard DC motors of other dryers). It also emits negative ions and has the technology of tourmaline, which enhances the action of ions. 

In addition, this dryer also releases cold air and has a one-year warranty. Despite this, it is not bivolt and weighs 820 grams (the heaviest on the list), which can quickly tire the arm of anyone using the device.

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